Best products to use for your extensions

Best Products to Use on Human Hair Extensions

If you are thinking of upgrading your beauty regimen by getting genuine human hair extensions, you may have some questions about caring for them. This article will provide you with the best tips on how to maintain the quality of your human hair extensions. It will also help you select the best products to use on human hair extensions.

What Products Are Best To Use On Human Hair Extensions


Use sulfate free shampoos to cleanse your human hair extensions gently. Sulfate free shampoos are some of the best products to use on human hair extensions because they retain moisture in the hair strands. Regular shampoos include chemicals, such as sulfates, that make hair brittle, dry, and dull. Sulfate free shampoos are gentle on the hair strands, of human hair extensions.  Washing with sulfate free shampoos and cleansers, retain moisture, shine, and elasticity in human hair extensions.


Just like your own hair, human hair extensions look their best when properly moisturized. Conditioners may include intensive conditioning products and hair masques, and are included among the best products to use on human hair extensions. These hair products infuse human hair extensions with extra hydration, softness and moisture.  Deep conditioning gives the hair extension more body, shine and softness, showing off the beauty of your hairstyle. The more hydrated and moisturized, the easier it is to style the human hair extensions.


Flat irons, hair dryers, curling wands and other beauty styling tools are some of the best products to use on human hair extensions.  These styling tools dry and style human hair extensions, at the best temperature for that type of hair. Using beauty styling products in the proper way, helps to maintain the beauty of the human hair extension. They also prevent matting and tangling and help to restore the hair to its original state after washing or conditioning.


Before any kind of heat styling, it is important to use one of the best products for human hair extensions: heat protectant! This provides the hair with a protective barrier from the heat of the styling tool. It also minimizes the possibility of scorching the delicate strands of the hair and helps hair to maintain its soft texture, moisture and elasticity.  And let’s face it, moisturized, glossy hair that and silky soft to the touch, looks and feels so much better!


Moroccan, Argan, Coconut or Almond based oils and serums are some of the best products to use on hair extensions. These plant-based oils and serums are naturally emollient, and contain essential vitamins, proteins and fatty acids. These penetrate the cuticles of the human hair extension.  Oils and serums also create a protective seal or coating on the hair cuticle, which prevents hair from becoming dry, dull or brittle. These oils and serums are essential for maintaining the softness and sheen of the human hair extension.


These products are essentially for preventing flyaways, slick down the edges, and help to maintain the beauty of your hairstyle. These are some of the best products to use on hair extensions. However, use sparingly in moderation and only as needed, to avoid buildup of product on the hair.

The Bottom Line

To ensure the lasting quality, luster and beauty of your human hair extensions, treat them like you would treat your own hair! Human hair extensions are installed using various methods such as sewing, glue, micro links, clips and taping. This makes them even more delicate than your own hair! In order to avoid damaging or loosening the extensions, be as gentle as possible when caring for them.  

As a general rule, anything that is good or bad for your own strands, will be good or bad for your hair extensions. So be as versatile as you wish to be by using these products to help create beautiful styles with your human hair extensions.



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